Artists' Colony

A Private Retreat in Costa Rica for Artists from Around the World:

A Time and a Place: Ciudad Colón. May 2008

In Ciudad Colón there is a place, perched on a hill of verdant green Mango, banana vie for space with lemon, lime and bean. Pass through wrought-iron Colony gates, family and friends all disappear Cometh the time, the hour is nigh, to spread our wings and fly.
Pintor, escritor gravitate, in casas, casitas hunker down To chase the Muse and so alone but wind that makes the bamboo groan.
Take it as a special gift, as we pursue our lonely quest To have this place, to be alone, submit, oblit, repeat and hone.
Tropical plants unceasingly, give forth their fruit prodigiously Hummingbirds sip and boas slide, unearthly quiet where writers write.
Coconuts crowd high in the sky, as rain relentless passes by Worker ants unceasing toil, cut pathways in the verdant soil.
Go now to another plain, heed not hunger, thirst or pain Be thou creative with pen and brush, waste not this time bestowed on us.  
By James Cullinane

Reserve Your Space:

· The Colony is open year-round.
· Artists from anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply, regardless of discipline or stage of career development. · Accommodations are comfortable for one person, sometimes two. Artists interested in bringing a spouse, companion or children, please inquire about short-term rental, long-term lease or timeshare options in one of our larger, 2 BR, 2 BA homes at The Colony. · We like to schedule at least three to six months in advance. However, when we have an opening we are always eager to fill it, so please inquire as to availability.

· Stays of any time-length will be considered, generally billed in two-week or month-long increments – see fee scale below. · Writers who need a computer for their work must bring their own laptop. · Artists who will need to do a significant amount of printing during their residency are advised to consider bringing a portable printer. The Colony sometimes has printing capability available but does not guarantee it. Internet cafes with printing capabilities are available within walking distance or a short taxi ride from The Colony. · Visual artists are encouraged to bring all necessary materials with them. Art supplies are available within a reasonable distance from The Colony, but are imported and therefore can be quite costly and time consuming to acquire once here. The Colony has large wooden easels, adaptive lighting and a variety of horizontal and vertical work surfaces available.

· Composers should be in contact with The Colony to discuss their needs. · Each artist is provided with a furnished apartment or bungalow, with full kitchen, private bath and cleaning service. · On-site laundry facilities are free. · Accommodations serve as both indoor work studio and living space – if an artist cannot work and live in the same space, or work outdoors, this must be stated in the application. · We also have one Windows desktop PC with Wireless Internet connection for personal emailing, short-term Internet use, and out-of-the-country calls. · For long distance phoning artists can go online to purchase minutes with Skype, the very inexpensive Internet phoning system The Colony is set up for.
· Artists are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptop with Wireless Internet capability, as high speed Wireless Internet is now available in all apartments and bungalows. · Meals are the responsibility of the artists, either individually or communally. Each artist should plan for a minimum of $150 per month food costs. The Colony provides an initial grocery run.

· The Colony is on a fairly steep hillside, not easily wheelchair accessible. · Electrical outlets and power in Costa Rica are U.S. standard, 10 - 120 volts, 60 Hz . · It is strongly recommended that artists bring everything they need with them. All packages sent separately are subject to indeterminate delays, as they are opened by Customs and potentially assessed a duty tax – for which artists will be responsible. Stays at The Colony are billed in two-week or month-long increments as follows: 14 days or less, $575 per artist or $850 for two artists sharing one space; Up to 29 days, $800 per artist or $975 for two artists sharing one space. To reserve a space artists will be asked to send payment for a minimum of half of their total fee, in the form of a check (in US dollars) made out to Sigmund Gaudi, S.A. and mailed to our Apto Postal 102-6100, Ciudad Colon, Mora. San Jose Costa Rica, America Central. The balance is due by no later than thirty days prior to the scheduled arrival date. email:

Studios and Rentals at The Colony:

When not occupied by resident artists, our studio apartments are available for rent to artists and others who are seeking a retreat or extended vacation in this beautiful part of the world. We also have several year-round homes on Colony grounds that become available from time to time. If you are interested in either possibility, please contact us via email at, or by telephone or mail for more information.

We also offer private and group Spanish courses including home stay.

Workshops Information:

We have no workshops scheduled at this time. Would you like to participate in a workshop hosted by The Julia and David White Artists' Colony in Costa Rica? Are you interested in organizing and/or facilitating one?

If so, we would like to hear from you

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