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In 1998 when the colony opened for its first visitors the vision of Dr. White was realized. In the years following he continued to expand on that vision and today the colony stands as a testament to his drive and integrity. The Julia and David White Artists´ Colony is the premier Central American location dedicated to the arts and provides artists with a natural and nurturing environment. It is an inspirational place and the significant percentage of returning artists speaks to the ideal environment found there.

                       Colony Overview


Colony Founding

The Colony was established in 1998 by Dr. White as a memorial to his children, both of whom died tragically as young adults. Julia was an astrophysicist and accomplished poet and playwright; David a highly talented composer and woodwind player. The Julia and David White Artists’ Colony is devoted to promoting the arts so dearly loved by Dr. White and his children.


Location: Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

Ciudad Colón is located twenty three kms from the capital city San José. It is situated in the province of San José, in the county of Mora. The weather in Ciudad Colón varies between the dry and green seasons. Average temperature year round is 22-24 C. It sits at an altitude of 840 meters above sea level.


About Costa Rica

Costa Rica banned capital punishment in 1877. It abolished its military in 1948 and has since relied exclusively on dialogue and diplomacy in conducting its international relations – a model Dr. White supported for all Nations.


Nurturing Creativity

Colony housing includes two painters’ studios with 20-foot ceilings, two writers’ studios and three cottages for either composers, writers or visual artists, all in natural wooded settings. In addition, the former communal building “The Nine Muses” has also been converted into a studio.

Being in Costa Rica

For an excellent introduction to Costa Rica, we highly recommend The Ticos by Mavis Biesanz, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1999.


Climate and Healthcare

Because of Costa Rica’s proximity to the equator there is little variation in temperature between the summer and winter months. Sunrise is near 5 AM and sunset about 6 PM. At The Colony the climate is generally spring-like with daily temperatures in the mid-70sºF/mid-20sºC, cooling at night to the high-60sºF/low 20ºsC. During the Rainy Season, June - November, mornings are typically bright and sunny, afternoons bring temporal rains. Bring a raincoat, a good pair of walking shoes and sandals. During the Dry Season, January - June, it seldom rains. Casual dress is appropriate for most occasions.

The healthcare system in Costa Rica is ranked among the top 20 in the world. Appropriate health insurance should be arranged with your insurance company prior to your arrival. There are hospitals and clinics close to The Colony and ambulance service is available.


Tourist Sites and Areas of Interest

San José has a variety of museums ranging from pre-Columbian to Modern Art. In addition to a dozen theatres with productions both in Spanish and in English there are concerts, ballet and other dance companies, an opera season and an annual International Music Festival. The Colony provides tickets and group transportation to such events on some weekends.

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